Carbonated hydroxyapatite inflammation’s responses on local rabbits: study of neutrophils’s cell count, macrophages, and edema volumes on mandible

Aryan Morita


Objective: The aims of this study was to find out the response of tissue inflammation implanted CHA than
standard HA through the amount of neutrophil, macrophage, and edema volumes.
Methods. Sixty local rabbits divided into 3 groups that contain 20 rabbits. Each group divided into 5 sub groups
that observed in day-1, 3, 5, 7, and 14. On first day, all rabbits were anesthesized and incised to create cavity in
the mandible. CHA or HA powder as much as 0,05 g were put into it. Then it was sutured using silk thread. On
the designated day, the mandibles of 4 rabbits from each sub group were decapitated. The mandibles were fixed
with 10% formalin in PBS pH 7,4. Von Ebner method for decalcification were used followed by hematoxylin eosin
staining to examine neutrophil and macrophage.
Results: The number of neutrophil, macrophage, and edema volumes in CHA implantation were lower than
HA. There were not any significant difference (p>0,05) between CHA, HA, and without CHA or HA.
Conclusion: There are no differences inflammation respons in CHA implantation and HA.

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